EXIST Platform

Exist tries to create a virtuous cycle business ecosystem to provide game players with a reliable and sustainable gaming environment. To this end, Exist plans to provide the platform services as follows: Each component is organically connected, and all transaction details are processed through the blockchain network, ensuring the integrity of the entire contract process.

Exist Team’s Mission

The Exist Team’s mission is to provide a ‘reliable and sustainable gaming environment’. To this end, we are to solve the problems raised above with a blockchain-based game platform. The solutions to the problems presented by the Exist Team are as follows:

  • Operation of P2E (Play to Earn) Model

  • Utilization of blockchain technology

  • NFTization of in-game digital assets

P2E Model

Exist rewards game players for completing game missions. There are various types of missions for each game, such as attending, leveling up, and completing daily quests. As soon as the mission is completed, points that can be used only in the game are given, which is the first means for users to be rewarded. These points can be used only for exchange with Exist (EXIST) tokens, and the exchange rate changes according to the realtime price and circulation amount of Exist (EXIST) tokens traded on the exchange. The immediate payment of tokens and the intermediate exchange stage are to prevent excessive token inflation and maintain a strong token ecosystem

Token Information

Distribution Information

Token Name Exist
Token symbol EXIST
Technology base Solana SPL
Type Utility
Total issuance 3,000,000,000 Exist
Decimal point 9
Token address ExistEr1h19DiEPPzaDpwx3DnjQbrVbXpaxKDYBSNoWj