Having grown exponentially in the last short period of time, the game industry is highly involved in our lives. According to management consulting firm Accenture, the global game industry is forming a huge market place of about 300 billion dollars (354 trillion won), and it is expected that approximately 2.7 billion users are engaged in it. Contrary to the high growth of the game industry, the natural gaming environment that game players can enjoy continues to deteriorate. This is because paid items that game companies sell for profit have a lot
of influence in the game, making it difficult to use the game properly without paid items. This P2W (Pay to Win) model induces anti-compulsory charging for users, resulting in higher entry barriers for new users. Recently, the issue of reliability of digital goods has also been raised, such as game company employees manipulating characters and items in the game for use and sale etc. Exist wants to solve the previous problems through blockchain. First, we provide Exist (EXIST) token, our own digital asset and cryptocurrency, to game players who use our game faithfully. The P2E (Play to Earn) model, which allows game players to earn cryptocurrency while playing a game, can provide a fresh experience and additional fun in addition to game play to the game players who are tired of charging. Furthermore, by allowing players to trade digital assets such as special items or characters in the game
through NFTs, we help them to secure their own unique identity and true ownership. Permanent ownership can be guaranteed because characters or items created with NFT can be owned and traded even if the game service is terminated. Since all of the aforementioned P2E processes and NFT transactions are transparently processed on a blockchain that cannot be forged or tampered, those will act as important factors in creating a ‘reliable
and sustainable game environment’, the ultimate goal of our company.
Below, the various games and businesses planned by the Exist Project and details about the Exist Platform will be explained in more detail, while information on related matters such as Exist (EXIST), its own cryptocurrency and token economy, will be conveyed, and future roadmaps will be explained. This white paper is a description and reference material for the blockchain-based game platform project hosted by the Exist Project, and no wording should be construed as a request for investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase it on an exchange where Exist is listed. As a personal wallet, you can store it in several Solana wallets such as Phantom Wallet and Slope Wallet.

Exist is based on the metaverse P2E, and you can earn Exist by playing mobile games by earning points. In addition, we will implement Exist so that it can be used through a payment system with affiliated companies

The total supply of 3,000,000,000 Exist were released to the open market at launch. 1,200,000,000 Exist of 40% of the issuance amount can be obtained by users who play the game.

We will be periodically releasing more information both on our site and socials about new phases,projects, and plans coming to the market!